About us

Alexander Ancient Art was established by Egyptologist Alexander Biesbroek. He studied Egyptology at the universities of Utrecht and Leiden (the Netherlands). His doctoral thesis was awarded (the Dutch equivalent of) "summa cum laude". In 1986 he obtained a (part-time) post at Utrecht University, where he has been doing Egyptological research until 2003, when the whole department was closed, due to a cutback in the university budget.

Alexander has been a collector of ancient art since 1972 and has worked as consultant for collectors of ancient art worldwide. In 1986 he also started dealing in antiquities, which led to the establishment of the company in 1991.

Alexander has business contacts with the departments of ancient art in several major museums, with scholars and other art dealers and the major auction houses throughout the world.

Currently he is involved in the publication of an important private collection of Egyptian and Pre-Columbian art in the U.S.A., which was formed in the early 19th century.

Alexander Ancient Art is a member of:
- IADAA (International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art)
- KVHOK (Royal Association of Fine Art Dealers in the Netherlands)
- CINOA (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art)
- ADCAEA (Association of Dealers and Collectors of Ancient & Ethnographic Art)

Alexander Ancient Art is exhibiting or has exhibited at major art fairs like BAAF Brussels, Parcours des Mondes Paris, BRUNEAF Brussels, Olympia Art & Antiques Fair London, and Winter B Sablon Brussels.



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