montu.jpg Montu was the god of war, more specifically connected to subjugating foreign countries by the king.

He was worshipped in Thebes, where large temples were built for him; however, in the Middle Kingdom he lost some of his importance to the fast rising god Amun. This is demonstrated by the fact that several kings of the 11th dynasty in Thebes had a name containing the name Montu (Montuhotep, "Montu is satisfied"), whereas several kings of the following 12th dynasty used the name Amun in their titles (Amunemhat, "Amun is in front").

Montu could be associated with the sun god to Montu-Re, and through him also with Amun (Amun-Montu-Re).

The bull Buchis (which was a sacred animal in Hermonthis) was considered to be a manifestation of the god.

Montu is usually portrayed as a man with the head of a falcon (or also with the head of a bull) and a headdress with a sun disk and two feathers.



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