nekhbet.jpg Nekhbet was the protective goddess of Upper Egypt, at home in Nekheb (modern Elkab), which together with Hierakonpolis was the capital of Upper Egypt. Her name means "She of Nekheb".

Nekhbet was a vulture, and together with her Lower Egyptian counterpart (the cobra Wadjet) she was present on the brow of the king, as his royal diadem, as well as elsewhere. Occasionally both goddesses could have the appearance of snakes, a shape Nekhbet took from Wadjet, but they could still be distinguished by the shape of the crowns on their heads, Nekhbet wearing the Upper Egyptian crown. The two goddesses were also present together in one of the five names of the king, the so-called "Two Ladies name".

Nekhbet is usually depicted as a vulture with outstretched wings, holding a symbol of eternity in her claws.



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