wadjet.jpg Wadjet was the protective goddess of Lower Egypt, at home in Buto in the Delta, where the cities Pe and Dep together formed the capital of Lower Egypt. The name Wadjet means "The Green One", and Buto is the Greek form of Per Wadjet, "House (or shrine) of Wadjet".

Wadjet was a cobra, and together with her Upper Egyptian counterpart (the vulture Nekhbet) she was present on the brow of the king, as his royal diadem, as well as elsewhere, such as in one of the five names of the king, the so-called "Two Ladies name".

Wadjet was also seen as a lioness, and was therefore related to other goddesses who had this aspect, such as Sekhmet, Mut, Tefnut and Hathor. Through this she was also related to the eye of the sun god, even as his daughter. Nefertem, actually the son of Sekhmet, was sometimes considered to be her son.



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