harakhte.jpg Harakhte is one of the forms of the god Horus, more specifically "Horus of the Horizon" (as the translation of his name tells us; old books also translate his name as "Horus of the two Horizons", due to a misunderstanding of a grammatical detail). In these cases the word that we translate as “horizon” refers to the area lit by the sunlight just before dawn, and not to the visible border between the earth and the sky; some Egyptologists therefore prefer the translation "land of light".

Harakhte is associated with the eastern "land of light", being the god of the sun, rising in the morning. Texts from the Old Kingdom associate him closely with the sun god Re, and as a result the two were soon merged into one god Re-Harakhte.

The Egyptians also knew the god Her-em-akhet ("Horus in the horizon", the Greek Harmakhis), which again was a different but closely related god; from the New Kingdom on the sphinx of Giza was especially venerated as a form of this god, but in reality the sphinx depicts king Khafre of the 4th Dynasty.


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